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  • JOH&Co. is the maker of ED BAG and the lifestyle brand run by JOH., a company that takes on new businesses encompassing various fields of architecture, design, media, and business strategies. JOH&Co.
    attempt s to look at various daily items with its unique perspective and aims to create those items in its own way.
    And it begins with ED BAG Original, the first type of ED BAG.

  • ED BAG Original started from a small idea. In 2012, JOH., the publisher of B magazine, started to wonder if it could make a right bag for its editors. Their job was to meet and interview people under various circumstances at various places, which meant that they needed a bag that would go well with any situation and outfit. Also, they needed a useful bag that would allow them to well-organize their belongings, as if the bag were a portable office.
    ED BAG is designed to create natural harmony with all kinds of style. Simple look of the bag and a dozen pockets in various sizes are result of the deliberation of its designers, and provide the editors with a solution to their daily inconvenience.

  • JOH&Co. Studio, located in Hannam-dong, Seoul, is always occupied with all sorts and shapes of Bags in progress.
    That is the place where our creators would embody their ideas, make products, and find problems and ways to solve them. Still, all supplies of ED BAG Original lineup are produced at JOH&Co. Studio—this is to remember our first initiative to look and think from a user’s perspective.